Plasmmer DAO

Enough of the toxic tech bros? πŸ‘―

Are the new economy (cryto/blockchain/DeFi/NFTs) BAD TO THE ENVIRONMENT? Read these threads.

Decentralized, distributed tech "company" as a DAO using Ethereum's economy with open-source products (our "company" is also open-source and you can contribute+govern with votes - and may weekly take a % of our vaults).

  • We are not based in San Francisco, CA;
  • We are neither based in Austin, TX;
  • We are based in your heart, in the Ethereum blockchain, in virtual spaces (such as Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, Minecraft (if tokenized), TheSandbox, etc) and anywhere: as we are decentralized.
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Join Plasmmer's decentralized governance.


Our subsidiaries:

Floflis OS Gamlr DAO + more to come

~50% of the governance tokens of these subDAOs (subsidiaries) will be stored in Plasmmer's DAO Vault, meaning ~50% of these subsidiaries will pertain to Plasmmer and other ~50% being community-owned (governed by their respective niche communities).

Exemplifying comparison: do you imagine MS owning only 50% of XBox, 50% of Windows and 25% of Edge? That's how Plasmmer works.

This is an idea to diversify our governance, represent decentralization and the forking nature of open-source, enable an new corporate structure experiment and better align with our subsidiaries' community individualities.

Other subsidiaries (that have no DAOs)

Hardware products (soon)

(no drawing yet, only text)
(no drawing yet, only text)
  • Phone
  • (no drawing yet, only text)
  • Blocklet
  • (no instructions, prototypes nor finalized design yet)

Even being itself a hardware manufacturer, anyone will be able to use our open-source DIY guides to build their own Plasmmer devices and sell them. Our gadgets will be available for purchase using national currencies, cryptocurrencies or, in special cases, Plasmmer's PLA token.

License (mainly using PLA License, which is still a draft) will require Plasmmer's decentralized manufacturers/distributors to comply with some terms and standards.

Did you say PROTOTYPES to test? 😻

Working products (alpha/beta stage - pls don't blame us)


Projecting DeFi backbones:

Interacting with Plasmmer

Other projects pertaining to Plasmmer

  • Tamigucho (soon - take care, batch, feed and breed digital pets of different species that you can store in QR/NFC physical cards with their sales/shipping attached to NFTs)